“If it weren’t perfect, would you still love it as much as you do right now?”

I stared at Him for awhile, wondering what He’d just said. It felt like it had been hours, or even days, having God standing right in front of me, asking me things that I didn’t even understand.

I laughed. “Of course! Is that supposed to be a joke?” I laughed some more. “So terrible!” I told Him. Because it was true! This was another question He’d asked to me, yet I didn’t even understand a bit.

He suddenly raised His hands and a blinding light shone so bright it hurt. I closed my eyes tight as wind stoke my hair. “Now I’ll ask you again, my dear,” He said, “if it weren’t perfect, would you still love it?”

I opened my eyes.

I finally noticed what He meant. I looked at my favorite engagement ring, it wasn’t like how it used to be anymore. I cried, then I whispered, “Yes.”

He smiled. “Well then,” He said in a really soothing tone, “don’t cry, my dear. Why are you crying?”

I sobbed. “Because You gave a flaw on my favorite thing. My favorite ring, something I really love when I was still alive.” I paused. “Why, God?”

“You really love that ring, don’t you, sweetheart?”

“I do!” I shouted. “It used to be so bright. It is made of platinum with diamond as its crown.” I raised my right hand, looking at Him with such an anger I trembled. “Look what You’ve done!”

He smiled as if there was anything so amusing. “I turned it into an ordinary stone, I see.” I sobbed even harder, thinking about all the sacrifice I’d made for that ring. I couldn’t breathe very well, that was exactly why I hated every time that I cried when I was alive. But now that I’d already died, I couldn’t understand why my lungs still needed oxygen once in awhile so it wouldn’t feel hurt. “But you’re still wearing it, my dear. May I ask you why?”

I was silent.

My head went completely blank. I wasn’t sure what to answer.

“From the tears that roll down your cheeks, I figured that you fully understood why you’re still wearing that ring, sweetheart.”

Yes, now I understood.

“If we love something so dearly, flaws won’t make us love them any less.”

He smiled and I was gone.


By :  Azizah Al Rasyid

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